The Plan for Hart Park

The quality of life for Wauwatosa residents has been enhanced for many decades by the availability of recreational activities for its residents in the heart of its community at Hart Park, located in the floodplain of the Menomonee River.

The MMSD flood control project enlarged Hart Park from 20.34 acres to 53.16 acres. The plan for the expanded park includes design elements suggested during public forums and through ongoing discussions by civic and community players. Here are initial steps completed and planned in the development of the park:

Hart Park Improvements: 68th Street to 70th Street

Rotary Stage:
Wauwatosa Rotary Club and Mayfair Rotary Club of Wauwatosa made a $1 million commitment to the establishment of a performance pavilion. Rotary raised the money, oversaw the design phase, and hired contractors. The Rotary Stage was completed in 2009. The stage is located immediately south-west of 68th and State Streets. For more information on this project go to the Tosa Tonight link:




Playground and Picnic Shelter: 

The next improvement planned for Hart Park is the children's playground, slated for contruction in 2011.  Funds were set aside to cover the replacement cost by MMSD as part of the flood control project.  Funds may need to be raised for benches at the playground.  This area is located south-east of 70th and State Streets next to a small parking lot.  A picnic pavillion with restrooms is also planned for this area, dependent on additional funding.



Hart Park Improvements:  70th-72nd

Skateboard Park:  Area for a skateboard park is designated along the southern edge of the open space.


Teen Gathering Space/Play Area:  A multi-use area was designated in the plan that would function primarily as a teen gathering space. This area is at the SW corner of this open space, accross from the Stadium.  Funds need to be raised for improvements to this area and Friends of Hart Park is gathering ideas for this space.




Hart Park Improvements: West of 72nd Street

Rain Garden:  A rain garden is planned to be installed on the south side of the Muellner Building or at an alternative location. This garden is possible through a grant awarded to the Friends of Hart Park Foundation from the Urban Rivers Conference.


Athletic Field Upgrade:
The City Budget & Finance Committee voted to approve the Upgrading of the Athletic Field for 2009.  This work has been completed and includes:
* artificial turf to accommodate Football, Soccer, and other sporting/musical events
* new bleachers and
* an NCAA Field & Track Facility and
* USTA sanctioned Tennis Courts.

Article from WauwatosaNOW (4/30/09)

Big Picture:
This aerial perspective shows the layout of all planned enhancements. The view is looking south. State Street and the grocery store parking lots can be seen at the bottom of the drawing and 68th street is on the far left. Moving left to right (east to west) we see the Rotary Stage, the playground and picnic pavilion, 70th street, new soccer/softball field, teen area including a skate plaza, 72nd street, and finally the existing parking lots, football stadium, and park buildings.