Greetings!  On August 29th, 2023, fifteen volunteers joined us in planting native shrubs and trees at Hart Park.  Funds for this project were raised by Friends of Hart Park Foundation in 2021 through a “Go Fund Me” appeal.  With the funds raised, we were able to purchase native plants, ranging from small shrubs to trees.  Examples include Pagoda Dogwood, Buttonbush, and New Jersey Tea.  Later in the season, a native prairie mix will be sown as part of the project.

We worked with City staff from the Department of Parks and Forestry to ensure a successful outcome and the project was guided under the direction of Park staff.  Park staff removed invasive species, like Buckthorn, at the project site.  Staff also prepared the soil, positioned the plants, and provided mulch and water to be applied after the plants were in the ground.  This effort by Park staff enhanced the donations that were put toward this project.

The project area is along the hike/bike path near the baseball field and just east of a native plant project completed by the Department of Parks and Forestry in 2022.  Lessons learned from these projects will help City staff determine both how to manage invasives in our Parks and how to best incorporate native plants along the riparian corridor for both esthetic value and for wildlife habitat.

A special thanks to those who donated toward this project and/or helped put the plants in the ground.

Inquiries about this project can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rosemary Wehnes, President

Friends of Hart Park Foundation, INC